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Evolution of my Work

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The Beginning
My art developed thanks to my choice to have a child. After years of doubt, preoccupied with my selfemployed activities and teaching job, I decided to finally become a mother, to do something for myself instead of only for others. The decision brought a lot of emotions to the surface. I took a pad of drawing paper and a few oil pastels and the first line drawings came to be.
The emotions were flowing through my hand onto the paper. I could draw without thinking, only feeling. This was a revelation.

Period 1999
Line drawings in 1 colour

The power of an emotion displayed in one continuous movement without lifting up the crayon.



Period 2000
Line drawings in multiple colours.

Pregnant and full of female hormones I dared to start using multiple colours.
Oil pastels that were applied colour after colour without thinkg, only feeling.
In those drawings I started scratching with my nails which made the colours mix optically.
Due to the particular use of colour the drawings got a whole different emotional value.
Study of the psychology of colours. The power of colours I could easily verify with my own drawings and the use of colour in my past.



Period 2001
Painting with hands and nails.

Gave birth to a son, Casper. Pelvic instability and overloaded with indescribable emotions. I couldn't work, yet I had loads of paint and cardboard and so I started painting to process those emotions. Without using any brushes I tried to apply the colour I felt with my hands and scratch away the actual line drawings in the wet acryl paint with my fingernails.
Step by step I discovered the power of the colours and their healing effects.
I started to understand this as my task and this would become my operating field : colour.
Colour as language to help people internalize.

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