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Evolution of my Work

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My language is colour and the psychology of colour stands as the basis for the translation of my work. You'll get an overview of my work here, situated in time and translated psychologically.

Period 2001
Blue: belief in myself, opening intuition
I was born in the sign of Sagittarius. The colour of Sagittarrius is blue.

  • opens the intuition
  • belief in yourself and the universe
  • furthers self-expression
  • feeling for art
  • communication

By using the colour blue I opened myself up for my art style and the passiospheric art was born.


Period 2002:
Blue - magenta: discover ones own power

Magenta is the colour that bundles your own power and connects it to the wisdom of the universe. When you start painting with this colour you'll experience this connection. (magenta = red + violet mixed)
Red is the force from the earth, the drive to go for something, willpower.
Violet gives determination, directs us to the mystic unity with the universe.


Period 2003
Red - orange: grounding and streaming

Red is the power that put my feet back on the ground. Via matter I can spread my message: the power of colour.

Orange is the colour that makes us stream, or flow, furthers creativity, makes extravert and untameable. It is the colour of our belly: the power plant of energy.
By using the colour I could feel the power from my head all the way down to my toes.


Period 2003
Orange - magenta: grounding and joining forces

Magenta is the colour of pragmatics, she represents power, subdued by thought and calm. It is the colour of the initiator. I was allowed to proclaim the power of the colour.
In this period I learned to guide my force and power, I had sensed my limits and could now express the colour from wisdom.


Period 2004
Pink - brown: soften, confidence

Pink: is the colour that gives us self-love, be good to yourself.

I had held my own ground and was allowed to show my female side.

The colour has a healing effect on those who are always at the service of others and forget their own "self".

Brown: these are the colours that give us confidence, family affection and let go of the fear to fail. Defying the fear to show yourself in all your strength.


Period 2005
Gold leaf: to deepen at soul level

Gold: gold connects us with our soul and gives us inner peace. It affects our feeling of belonging and compassion.

I've been using gold foil ever since the beginning of my work, mainly to accentuate, now I felt it was time to spread it all over the canvas and paint over it.
The spectator will be touched by the power of gold and will recover his strength faster.
In this material world I found it a must to help people internalise and that via the use of gold leaf.
Gold works as a healing agent for agression and negative feelings.


Period 2006
Silver and gold: connection with the universe

Silver: the colour of the moon, we feel connected : with the whole, nature, the cosmos, humanity.

By using gold foil and silver foil I'm trying to make the spectator feel the connection.


Period 2007
Silver, gold and complementary colours: growth from strength

This year my inner strength has increased, which shows in the new paintings.

The spectators' soul will be touched faster by these powerful colour combinations.

My goal is tangible.


Period 2008
This is the year of stability.

This year, all remaining blockades that were still preventing me from developing my full inner power were removed.

I fully believe in my inner strength and that gives me a blissful feeling, it gives self-love.

In these works I can release myself from the last inner fears that were holding back my belief in my inner strength. The yellow-green color is like a poison that comes pulsing out and is being returned to the earth.

In the work called "Stuwen" I convey how the power is being redistributed like the juices of a tree, to fill all its inner cells with inner strength so The Great Work can begin.

In the larger works I convey the spiritual growth that allows all channels to flourish so that the energy for the highest goals can flow out: to convey love to the spectator in its highest form.

In the final three works of this year, I try not only to release my strength, but also to establish my Field of Power so that my powers remain in my energy field. This makes me strong enough to continue my task and to define my boundaries.



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